Children’s Workshops


Critters of the Poudre

CSU’s Aquatic Entomologist, Dr. Boris Kondratieff, will share his extensive knowledge of the aquatic critters who keep the Poudre River healthy and explain how they serve as a vital part of the river’s ecosystem in this lively presentation. Stay after to ask questions and meet some of his LIVE critters!

River Wands

Join us for this creative workshop, hosted by Wild Roots Art Studio, to create beautiful wands using sticks, feathers, paint, ribbon, and the Poudre River for inspiration. This event is open to all ages, though younger kids will need an adult to help them with the paint.

Kids Corner
All Day

Stop by the Kid’s Corner for hands-on learning about the Cache La Poudre River. Try your hand at mini-raft building, make a nature crown, get up close and personal with aquatic bugs, and more!

Flood Challenge
All Day

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas will host an interactive series of fun, physical challenges and experiments that will teach kids about the benefits of flooding to our river’s ecosystem. Join us throughout the day for the chance to learn about our river and to win some prizes!!

Water Wagon
All Day

This mobile exhibit travels northern Colorado to teach kids the importance of water conservation. Kids are immersed in a range of hands-on activities. Beginning with the water cycle and moving through water’s arrival in the home, interactive units engage youth in understanding the value of water and real-world conservation tips to help preserve this precious resource for generations to come.

Face Painting
All Day

By Drake Parlor Face Painters.


Adult Workshops

Family-friendly presentations geared toward grown-ups

Local Plant Talk: Wild Foraging
Hosted by Equinox Center of Herbal Studies

Join herbalist Laura Cascardi from the Equinox Center for this informative presentation about the many useful plants growing in our very own Poudre River Watershed. Laura will be showcasing some of these plants and herbs and will answer questions afterwards.

Why is there a National Heritage Area associated with the Poudre River?
Hosted by Poudre Heritage Alliance

There are many ways to view the water history of the Poudre River. This presentation comes from the biographies of individuals whose lives were intertwined with the Poudre River, collectively from 1859 to 2007.  Each person contributed to the Poudre River’s nationally recognized role in developing new water laws, technology, and organizations to address arid conditions of the West.  Thus, through their lives we gain insight into the natural conditions and human responses that served as a major factor in creation of the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area in 1996.

Restoration, Watersheds, & Our River
Hosted by Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers will be discussing the types of ecological restoration projects that the organization has led to improve not only the Cache La Poudre River, but the watershed as a whole and elsewhere in the Front Range. Come learn about the evolving methods of restoration and post-flood recovery, and how you can get involved as well.

Community Mandala
All Day

Stop by the life-sized Community Mandala and add to the design using natural materials of leaves, flowers, rocks, and sticks. All-day activity.