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Visit vendors who have great activities at their booths throughout the festival such as: booths throughout the festival that have ongoing activities such as: I will add more as I find out who has good stuff. Those in yellow are good for kids.

Kids Corner

Join the Environmental Learning Center throughout the day where kids can build bug houses out of common reusable materials you can find in your home. Turn your garden into a great habitat for native insects and bring a little wild into your backyard!

Pinot’s Palette

Let the Poudre River be your inspiration as you put your brush to the canvas. We are proud to announce that Pinot’s Palette is sponsoring the newest installation at the Poudre River FEST in 2018 – the ART TENT! Pinot’s Palette will supply a canvas, paint, brushes, water cups, paint palettes and paper towels. Stop by for a self-guided painting session. You will be able to bring your masterpiece home! If you are interested in an instructor-led class Pinot’s Palette will also be offering a 2 hour session from 2-4pm. Check out

The City of Fort Collins Storm water and Flood Department

Learn about flood risk and how to stay safe in your home, at work and at school. Explore a stream and learn how they change with fun activities for kids and adults.

Loveland Initiative for Monarch Butterflies (LIMB)

Swing by to learn about the importance of Monarch butterflies and learn how you can attract them to your home. Milkweed seeds will be given out, a favorite food of Monarchs!


Ever wondered about the quality of our rivers and streams? Swing by the booth to learn about how we can test water and what it can tell you about the health of our local rivers and streams.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Trout Unlimited

Learn how to fly-cast like a pro, or tune up your skills for the summer fishing season with ongoing demonstrations throughout the day. I bet if you ask real nice, they might even tell you a few good spots to fish! There will be a fish pond for the kids to check out also.

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Great activities for kids!

Save the Poudre

Stop by to learn about this valuable resource!

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Learn how we use native seeds in restoration projects on local public lands. Take home a few native seeds to add wildlife habitat to your yard!


Workshops and activities will meet at the entrance to the festival at the Workshop Tent.

Workshop: 4 easy steps & 12 sure-fire plants for fabulous backyard habitat presented by Fort Collins Nursery

Recent studies show that a matrix of urban gardens dedicated to improving wildlife habitat play a vital role in connecting natural areas and riparian corridors, such as the many sites we have in Northern Colorado. Creating these back- or front yard habitats can be fun, and the results can be amazing even in small spaces. Whether you’re interested in providing a safe haven for bees, butterflies or birds, this short workshop will inspire you to get started, or to enhance what you’re already doing. We’ll explore easy ways to create water, shelter, nesting sites and food sources for wildlife, then learn the tips and tricks to selecting and caring for 12 of the best native plants for your yard. These plants will help you save water and reduce your garden maintenance tasks, as well!

Activity: Join Bird Conservancy of the Rockies biologist for an exploration along the Poudre River!

Learn how to find and identify common riparian (river area) birds in the Fort Collins area. Learn about how the Poudre River provides important habitat for birds and other wildlife. Binoculars and field guides will be provided. Please bring your own if you have them! Beginners and families are welcome. Kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The walk departs from the main festival entrance. Show up at 12:30 — look for signs and the guide.


Workshops and activities will meet at the entrance to the festival, look for the Workshop Tent.

Workshop: Flowers and Pollinators with the Colorado Native Plant Society

Animal pollinators visit flowers for food, like pollen and nectar, which plants offer to help them create more wonderful flowers! This interactive program includes models and role-playing and will be fun and informative for children and adults. Our Presenters, Kate Goes In Center and David Julie, are members of the Colorado Native Plant Society. Bumble bees are their favorite animals.


Join the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas and volunteer Master Naturalists for a stroll along the river to learn about the wildlife you might find living on the Poudre River and nearby natural areas.


Workshops and activities will meet at the entrance to the festival, look for the Workshop Tent.

Workshop: River Safety with Poudre Fire Authority

Each year, thousands of people enjoy the beauty of the Colorado outdoors. Among our stunning natural attractions is the Cache la Poudre River, which draws people to its shores and into its rushing waves. People are often unaware of the river’s strength and unpredictability before entering its waters. Each year, Poudre Fire Authority’s trained swiftwater rescuers are called out to help people in need. During Poudre RiverFest, PFA firefighters will be at the event to talk about what rescue efforts look like when they occur, and will provide education around wearing appropriate personal flotation devices, or life jackets. They will also speak to some of the hazards the river presents to help people live their safest lives.

Activity: Plants of the Poudre Exploration Walk.

Join a local, Native Plant Master and Colorado Native Plant Society Board Member, Ann Grant, for an engaging walk to learn about plants that grow along the Poudre River, such as willows and cottonwoods. Why do these plants grow here and how are they essential to the health of our rivers? Participants will learn how to identify species and why they are essential to the health of our local waterways…and us!